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  • Industrial Scale Chiral Resolution
  • Asymmetric Synthesis
  • Enantiopure Compounds
  • Heterocyclics

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   State-of-the-Art Laboratory and Metric Ton Scale Plant

    Acentex Scientific's Chengdu, China facilities has been installed with the very latest state-of-the-art equipment, providing the excellent level of technological support that you would expect from a  leading global supplier to the industry. We have more than 1000m2 of  lab space for kilogram production and process development. In addition, we have a plant which has more than 20 of 200L reaction vessels, can produce more than 5 metric tons of material.

   Our US facility opened in 2010 located on the outskirts of  Princeton, USA, offering an environment which fosters team working, communication and technical excellence. Part of the small scale chemistry (Kilo or less) and urgent projects are conducted at this facility. 

A snapshot of our lab and plant:

Chemistry lab vessel instrument


Examples of technologies and equipment available:

  • Scale from mg to Kilogram to Tons
  • Large Scale Chiral Resolution
  • Asymmetric Synthesis
  • Large Chromatography
  • Freeze drying
  • Pressure vessels
  • Hydrogenation

100 kilogram to Metric Tons


Kilogram Production


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