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   Acentex Scientific, Inc. is a fine chemical manufacturer and world wide supplier of advanced drug intermediates and specialty chemicals for  the pharmaceutical industry and academic institutions. We have been incorporated in 1998 initially in China, now having operations both in USA and China. Our US site has been incorporated in 2010, mostly for relative small quantity and fast delivery to meet the very urgent needs of our customers'. Our start-of-the-Art Kilo lab and plants in China, where we produce fine chemicals  in the scale of kilogram to metric tons. We have expertise in industrial scale Chiral Resolution, Asymmetric synthesis and multi-step synthesis, and have been supplying range of chemicals such as enantiomeric pure heterocyclic compounds, amino acids, natural products.

   A significant part of our business also includes Custom Synthesis. We perform chemistry or make products tailor to our customers' specific needs. With a group of highly experienced and diligent chemists, we are able to conduct most sophisticated chemistry efficiently.  We synthesize Advance Intermediates or final Products, Screening Library, Reference Compounds such as API's for research purpose,  as well as Metabolites and Impurities. Additionally, we conduct process development and route optimization, which aims for reducing cost and safely scaling up in the pilot plant or kilo lab to the minimum. 

   We specializes in the synthesis of function dense heterocyclic building blocks and molecule fragments, which are designed to participate in versatile chemical reactions such as coupling, condensations and cycloadditions. In addition,  our novel building blocks already bear drug-like properties and may serve as ideal starting points for focused library synthesis.  

We keep customer's projects or any related information strictly confidential. Please contact us for your project needs,

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