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Why Choose Us

Dedicated Team

    Our people are key to our success. We have a highly experienced, enthusiastic, and motivated team of scientists committed to delivering the highest quality products on time and on budget. Most of our Chemists have extensive working experience either in pharmaceutical or biotech companies, and we have deep understanding of our customers' concern and expectation, to which we strive to address.  In addition, all our products are manufactured by ourselves. Our team of scientists are very familiar with  the properties of the chemicals and their related reactions. If you have any questions regarding the chemical or related reaction, you can always contact us for discussion or suggestion.

Quality and Cost

  All our products are strictly QC'ed and we always supply the products with best quality, while we maintain the cost for your to lowest in the industry.

One Stop Shop to Your Success

  We have the capabilities to produce compounds from milligram to metric tons.  As many of our customers have  witnessed and been experienced, we start a project from milligram scale of library screening compounds, to gram and kilogram scale, then to 100 kilogram or metric tons in the pilot plant. We deliver it all within our customer's budget. Our customer will not have to face the issue commonly caused by switching the sourcing of products.  We accompany you all the way to your success!

Effective Communication

   Our team will always listen to your requirements in order to provide the highest levels of customer service. We will give you a clear and accurate understanding of how the work is progressing via regular progress updates. Our team is always available for your queries.


  All work and quotation is kept under the strictest confidentiality. We do not disclose any information to the third party or use it to our advantage. Your IP and business secret is strictly protected whether we sign Non Disclosure Agreement or not.

You can rely on us to be a trusted and competent partner

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